OMnI application for student NOVA developers

 Assistantships funded by the Oberlin Modeling Initiative (OMNI).
 We are looking for a "few good (wo)men" to become NOVA experts. For those who don't know, NOVA is the modeling tool developed by Prof. Rich Salter and used by professors and students both here at Oberlin and at other places, such as U.C. Berkeley. We want to have a few in-house NOVA experts to help Prof. Salter spread the good word about the system and to help NOVA users who run into problems. The assistantship is a way to get started with NOVA so that by fall term, 2012, you will be ready for action.

Here are the details:

1) Students will be paid by the hour up to $3500 for work done during the spring semester and summer. 

2) You will be expected to work at the OMNI workshop here in Oberlin on June 4-8. There, you will assist new users with NOVA. Prior to June, you will need to learn "the basics" of NOVA.

3) NO seniors need apply. We want sophomores and juniors, since these "youngsters" will be around for a few years. Freshman will be considered.

4) Deadline for application: Feb. 17th (midnight). Late applications run a serious risk of being disqualified due to tight time constraints at all levels.

5) Your application consists of your CV and a one-page statement of interest, which should indicate WHY you want to become an experienced user and teacher of a general-purpose modeling tool. Yeah, yeah, I know it looks good on the resume, but you need to be more insightful than that :)

6) For more information about OMNI, consult

7) Email your applications to Dr. Al Borroni ( by Feb. 17th (10 am)