Replacement of Antiquated Lighting at Oberlin Early Childhood Center:


In spring 2011, the Green EDGE Fund helped finance $20,000 worth of electricity and lighting retrofits for Oberlin Early Childhood Center. This project, which would have been an efficiency loan if it had occurred on campus, was implemented by a local contractor. This project was pursued for public health reasons as much as resource reduction savings.

Background premise:

Lighting retrofits, while having a timely payback, are often too expensive to implement in the short term despite long term benefits. OECC had been having issues for many years, spanning from unsafe outlets to high replacement costs for their lightbulbs that frequently burnt out. This, in addition to having young children running around with unsafe electrical equipment, was the main cause for project implementation.

Cost-Benefit estimation:

This project was completed using the sustainability grant format.

Additional benefits:

Human health was improved by making a safer work space out of OECC. Electricity bills went down as well as variable costs such as light bulb replacements.