High Efficiency Hand Dryers

High Efficiency Hand Dryer


In Spring of 2011, the Green EDGE Fund purchased 6 hand-dryers to be installed in Philips Gymnasium and Mudd Library. This project is expected to reduce Oberlin College waste production by 1,300 tons annually and produce annual net carbon savings of 2.9 metric tons.


Hand-dryers save large quantity of paper towel usage and resulting waste. Philips and Mudd are both central high-traffic areas where paper towels are constantly in high demand. This makes them ideal location for this type of project, as savings will accrue especially quickly.

Cost-Benefit Estimation:

Equipment costs totaled $2,640 and labor costs associated with installation amounted to $1,800. A $460 buffer was included for unforeseen costs, bringing the total allocation to $5,000. Annual return on investment is 31% based on conservative estimates, resulting in a financial payback period of 3.2 years.