Hales Gym Lighting

Hales Gym


In the Spring of 2010, the Green EDGE Fund financed a retrofit of the lighting in Hales Gym. This is the quintessential efficiency project- replacing inefficient light bulbs with high efficiency CFLs. Annually, this project is expected to save 10,000 kWh, approximately $1,000, and mitigate carbon emissions on the order of 10 metric tons.

Background premise:

Hales Gym is a large gym used by many college and community organizations. Unfortunately, Hales lacks windows; thus, even during the day gym users cannot rely on natural lighting, but must use the installed lighting. As a result, the Hales lights are on for 50+ hours a week. Because of this heavy use, even marginal efficiency improvements can accrue significant savings over their lifetime. Thus, the EDGE Fund was excited to tackle a retrofit of Hales Gym.

Cost-benefit estimation:

The project's estimated combined equipment and labor cost was $3,000. We expect annual electricity savings of 10,000 kWh and annual carbon savings of 10 metric tons. Financially, we conservatively expect annual monetary savings of $920, simple payback in 3.2 years, and savings of $7000 over the project’s lifetime. Importantly, these financial savings expectations ignore equipment and labor cost savings. If these costs are included in the projected savings, a decrease in the expected payback time to 1.7 years and an increase in annual and lifetime savings to $1,740 and $13,000, respectively.

Additional benefits:

Besides the financial and resource savings described above, improved lighting in Hales Gym is an additional benefit. Considering the gyms myriad uses, and the diverse populations using the gym, the enhanced lighting is a definite improvement.