Foresight Leadership & Sustainability Summer Camp

Summary: In the spring of 2014, the GEF allocated a sustainability grant of $11,600 for the purchase of 16 bicycles and 2 scholarships for local Ohio high school students to attend the new Foresight Leadership and Sustainability Initiative camp in Oberlin this summer. Noel Myers served as project manager for this proposal.

Background Premise: The GEF was excited about the prospect of helping out this sustainability summer camp in our local operating area, and wanted to ensure local residents were enabled to participate. We designated funding for two scholarships for two students from Lorain county, with an emphasis on Oberlin High School, to attend this innovative camp. In addition, the GEF will be purchasing 16 new bikes for the camp students to build and maintain over the camp period before being donated to Oberlin College's Bike Co-Op after the two week camp is complete. This will provide the Bike Co-Op with necessary new bike capital to lend to students during the semester.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: The GEF allocated $6,400 towards to ensure local students, Oberlin residents in particular, are able to attend this sustainability camp at Oberlin this summer. The other $5,200 portion of the grant will go towards the purchasing of 16 bikes to be built. The camp participants will learn how to put a bike together, and gain familiarity with a sustainable mode of transportation, and then the bikes will be put to good use at Oberlin for years to come. This project promotes general education around sustainability and is a project that the EDGE Fund feels is worth pursuing. It is exciting that we can continue to support sustainability efforts in our local community as we all strive to find solutions to environmental challenges.