Ecolympic Water Bottles

Ecolympic Water Bottles (2012)

Summary: The EDGE Fund provides support for the Oberlin College Ecolympics, a three-week campus wide competition to reduce electricity and water consumption. In 2012, the EDGE Fund provided $815 for the purchasing of 300 ecolympics water bottles.

Background Premise: In 2012, Ecolympics offered water bottles as incentives to reduce energy and water consumption. By funding the project, the EDGE fund furthered conservation objectives set out by the Ecolympics and increased student awareness of the EDGE fund.

Cost-Benefit Estimation: Sustainability grants are utilized in projects that do not have clear or timely paybacks. By funding this project, the EDGE Fund hoped to provide strong incentives for students to reduce energy and water consumption across all of campus, as well as directly avoid plastic water bottle consumption by recipients of the prize.

Additional Benefits: As mentioned above, the water bottles promoted not only the Office of Environmental Sustainability, but the EDGE Fund. By increasing awareness of our fund, we hoped to encourage more outside engagement in project development on campus.