Compost Tumbler

Union Street Compost Tumbler

This compost tumbler was installed near Union Street housing during the summer of 2009. Please contact us ( for the padlock combination to access it.

Background premise:
It is difficult for students living in Union Street Village Housing and cooking on a regular basis to dispose of their organic materials. Currently, composting residents have to transport raw compost across campus to the Environmental Studies bins. Due to this hassle, many students are discouraged from composting at all. Composting reduces total solid waste that goes into landfills and turns food waste into a useful garden or landscape additive. While traditional composting methods can pose a number of problems, compost tumblers are a self-contained, easy-to-use, and sanitary alternative that that process compost in a matter of weeks. The objective of this proposal is to purchase and install a compost tumbler on the eastern side of the Union Street Housing complex, and develop a plan for students to regularly deposit their organic materials. 

Cost-benefit estimation:

Using the compost as fertilizer throughout campus would reduce the need for institutional purchasing of conventional fertilizers, saving money and lessening the impact of the Grounds Department on the environment.

Additional benefits:
Besides reducing solid waste and providing quality compost for the college, a Village Housing composting program could help promote community among Village residents. Education for students and staff about the benefits and usefulness of compost is also be a positive result.