Carbon Management Fund Tree Planting Purchases and Labor Costs

Summary: In October of 2013 the GEF approved $900 to fund the purchasing of 10 white swamp oak trees and 8 red oak trees in North Fields on campus. A separate grant was also approved for $376 to fund the labor costs of planting the trees.

Background:  The project was proposed as a sort of pilot for the GEF’s newest branch: the Carbon Management Fund (CMF).  The tree planting is a carbon-offsetting project that will sequester carbon, thus mitigating the effects of carbon emitting processes. The tree planting also improves air quality and adds to biodiversity in North Fields - an area that has faced a considerable reduction in biodiversity due to human interference.

Cost-Benefit Analysis:  This project was approved as a sustainability grant and has considerable benefits.  The project had a labor cost of $376.00 with a $900 price tag for the trees. The project will sequester carbon, increase biodiversity and help Oberlin in achieving its carbon neutrality goals for 2025.  The project was also important in kick-starting the Carbon Management Fund, which is now receiving $5 a semester from each student who does not waive the fee. Establishment of the CMF is important for the GEF since it will serve as a third arm of the GEF (the other two arms being sustainability grants and efficiency loans).