Board Members

Student board members (Spring 2018) sitting on the fountain of the Adam Joseph Lewis Center. From left to right: Olivia Vasquez, Joy Castro-Wehr, Ian Feather, Danyang Dong, Kieran Minor, and Becky Kalish. 

Becca Chant, Class of '19: I am a Politics major with a potential minor in Environmental Studies and Hispanic Studies. I’m interested in food systems and access, sustainable urban agriculture and design, and my favorite projects tend to be garden-related. I enjoy being a part of the EDGE Fund to see the concepts we discuss in classes at Oberlin become a reality. I love being on the EDGE Fund, as it allows me to learn about and engage with our local Oberlin environment, and work with applicants on creative sustainable projects in the college and community.

Becky Kalish, Class of '18: I am a double degree student with majors in Environmental Studies and Viola Performance. In the environmental field, I am particularly interested in global environmentalism, urban development and sustainable food practices. Being on the Green Edge Fund has allowed me the opportunity to work with various members of the college and town of Oberlin, and it is exciting to see the connection between the school and town continue to grow. I am looking forward to learning about the upcoming projects and seeing their impact on the Oberlin community!  

Danyang Dong, Class of '18: I am from Shenzhen, a city next to Hong Kong, and I double major in Environmental Studies and Biology with a minor in Politics. I am very Interested in Global environmental institutions and strategies, and I have interns three times at World Wildlife Fund at Shenzhen, Beijing, and Washington D.C. on various topics on international environmental development. The experience of the Green EDGE Fund gives me a different perspective on how we can create local sustainability in Oberlin through giving out small grants and loans to students’ and townspeople’s own projects with money generated by students’ own contributions.

Joy Castro-Wehr, Class of '20: Hello! I’m a sociology major with a religious studies and Hispanic studies double minor. Although my academic studies here at Oberlin are not specifically directed at environmental science, it’s a passion and mission of mine to help creatively adjust our world’s attitude toward the environment via practical and community-orientated problem solving. Previous work experience that’s assisted my understanding and knowledge in this field includes interning in an architecture firm that specializes in designing sustainable,  intentional communities geared towards being as environmentally friendly as possible. Besides green community development, my interest in environmental issues is in local food procurement and access, and how theses networks simultaneously strengthen communities and nurture the planet. I decided to join the Green EDGE Fund because I want to learn about environmentalism from a community-engagement standpoint. Engaging in the community around us- be it a campus, a town, or both, is, I think, the best and only way to effectively make changes that will benefit the planet. I look forward to continuing to being a part of the process that makes exciting and creative projects a reality. 

Kieran Minor, Class of ’19: I am an Environmental Studies and Economics double major, and a Creative Writing minor. I am interested in environmental education, community engagement, and the arts. As Vice Chair, my job is to write the annual report for this academic year as well as assist the Chair in essential GEF functions. I am excited to continue to make GEF a platform for college/community interaction and cooperation, and as a source of democratically-driven sustainability initiatives.

Olivia Vasquez, Class of '20: Hi! I am an Environmental Studies and Computer Science major. I am interested in data visualization, specifically for showing earth processes and climate change, and I also work for Environmental Dashboard. I enjoy being on the Green Edge Fund because it allows me to connect with other passionate individuals on our board, at the College, and in the community. I love being a part of the process that makes these sustainable ideas come into fruition, and then eventually seeing its impact on Oberlin!

Board Advisor:
  • Karl Offen, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
Student Senate Green Liaison:
  • Cecilia Wallace and Ramsha Babar 
  • Heidi Pycraft, Controller
  • Jim Klaiber, Director of Procurement, Technology & Systems Implementation 
Past Board Members: 
  • Skyler Davis, Class of '18
  • Hillary Pan, Class of '18
  • Julia Murphy, Class of '17
  • Erik Gonzales-Kramer, Class of '17
  • Maya Sosland, Class of '19: (Carbon Management Fund Liaison)
  • Nimo Ismail, Class of '17 (Student Senate Green Liaison)
  • Elaine Hinrichs, Class of '16
  • Amelia Wallace, Class of '16
  • Darrell Davis, Class of '16 (Student Senate Green Liaison)
  • Delia Scoville, Class of '16
  • Kyle Mytelka, Class of '16
  • Chloe Vassot, Class of '18 (Carbon Management Fund Liaison)
  • Liam Leslie, Class of '15
  • Yuran Pan, Class of '15
  • Alexander Katz, Class of '16
  • Evan Tincknell, Class of '14
  • Noel Myers, Class of '14
  • Nicole Le, Class of '14 (Office of Finance Green Liaison) 
  • Paul Paschke, Class of '14 (Student Senate Green Liaison)
  • Will DiMaggio, Class of '14
  • Richelle Romanchik, Class of '14 
  • Ren Wiscons, Class of '15
  • Alexander Deeter, Class of '13
  • Tani Colbert-Sangree, Class of '13
  • Marion Rockwood, Class of '12
  • Joshua Laufer, Class of '12
  • Timothy Ballard, Class of '11
  • Madeline Marvar, Class of '11
  • Benjamin Jakubowski, Class of '11
  • Claudia Randrup, Class of '10
  • Lucas Brown, Class of '09
  • Kristen Braziunas, Class of '08
Past Administrators
  • Keith Watkins, Director of Facilities Operations
Past Advisors
  • Sean Hayes, Executive Director of The Oberlin Project